Fit Mind Book

Fit Mind Fit Body – How to Achieve Your Ideal Body and Keep it FOREVER

Keeping Fit Is Not Just About Your Body. It’s Also About Training Your Mind.

Do you find it difficult to exercise on a regular basis? Is keeping fit and eating healthy a chore for you? Have you been on one exercise plan or fad diet after another without success?

No one knows the frustrations of wanting to keep fit better than Don Staley. For over 20 years, Don struggled to achieve his ideal body, never keeping on a fitness program for more than a few months.

Within 30 days of using the principles in Fit Mind, Fit Body, Don embarked on his ultimate fitness program and has been exercising every single day for 4 years in a row! In Fit Mind, Fit Body, Don Staley reveals why keeping fit is not about pushing your body to work harder but about understanding how your mind directs your body.

You will learn: Why 95% of all exercise programs, gadgets and fad diets fail-despite our best efforts! 4 powerful ways to recondition your mind to make exercise fun, easy and almost effortless for you. How to banish your negative self-talk when you feel like giving up, or skipping a day. The one thing you can do right now that will set your immediate fitness goals in motion.

$24.95 (Hardback)