What do Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Arnold Palmer, and Tom Hanks all have in common?

Besides making millions of dollars a year, they worked with the finest life coaches and inspirational trainers in the world.

That’s how they ‘arrived’ at the top of their respective fields.

Each of these world-class professionals were coached to greatness!

That’s how they get to the top.

That’s how they stay at the top.

And you can join their ranks. Don Staley can help you live up to your ideals and make your dreams a reality.

Make a commitment to life coaching with Don Staley and expect to:

  • Achieve greater results
  • Have a better understanding of why you do what you do
  • Experience greater personal freedom, confidence, and JOY
  • Understand how to put your success on auto-pilot
  • Clarify your personal vision and goals

Life Coaching sessions take place by phone or in person.

Why Hire A Life Coach?

The American Society for Training and Development released this study on goal completion:

  • Of people who consciously decide to set a goal, 25% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who decide when they will do it, 40% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who plan how they will do it, 50% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who commit to someone else they will do it, 65% their achieve goal.
  • Of people who have a specific accountability appointment with the person they committed to, 95% achieve their goal!!!

Put the Ball in Your Court

The wealthy always put the odds in their favor. That is why they do not play the lotto or gamble. The odds are against them in those ventures. Why would the super successful (like those listed at the top of this page) hire and work with a life coach? Because they are putting the odds in their favor. They want every possible advantage and a professional life coach can give you that advantage.

Isn’t it time you put the odds in your favor? When it comes to your success do you want a 25%, 40%, 50%, or 60% chance of reaching your dreams? Or do you want a 95% chance?

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