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About Don

Don Staley

Don Staley is a professional speaker, coach/mentor and author of five books, including “Fit Mind, Fit Body”, in which he shares a new transformational formula to revolutionize fitness habits. His four other books are “Every Day Counts”, “New Years Resolutions that Stick”, “Retrain Your Mind”, and “A Quick Guide of 25 Healthier Snack Alternatives to Fast Food”. He also co-authored two additional books on mentorship with Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar. Don shows people, companies, and organizations how to transform their lives, businesses and organizations through his speaking and on-going coaching programs.

Don’s story is one most people can relate to. After twenty years of struggling to keep fit and almost giving up on fitness altogether, Don finally cracked the code that allowed him to exercise every day for 4 1/2 years (and counting). Now he teaches how anyone can use these same principles to create lasting results in their health and fitness program (or any area of their life).

Fitness Weight Loss Diet Solution

What if you could harness a work force of 100 billion strong?  That is well over ten times the force mentioned earlier.  What if I told you that you do have a workforce of over 100 BILLION strong and they are waiting to serve you to the best of their ability if you treat them right and tell them exactly what to do?  You do.  I am talking about your brain cells. They are actually already serving you but not to their fullest potential (or you or your employees).

These brain cells are waiting for your instructions.  The instructions which you give, (or fail to give) will determine you, your company’s or organization’s success. The challenge is we were not taught how to train our brain cells.  Don Staley is ‘The Brain Cell Coach.’  He will teach you exactly how to train your brain cells. How to get the cooperation of over 100 BILLION workers who are eager to serve you.  With this work force on your side you will get the best possible outcomes no matter what your goals are.

The Formula for Becoming A Success Story of Your Own is right in front of You!