Start With a Clear Vision

Creating a clear vision of exactly what you want or desire can get you excited about your goal. This article takes the previous articles on Desire to the next level by going deeper. When you begin writing the details, you build a network of cells in your brain. This is a process which leads to the fullfillment of your dream.

To focus precisely on my intended desire, I wrote down clarifying details, which helped me to produce a clear vision. I created a crystal-clear target. If you don’t have a target, how can you reach it? At the time I began the reconditioning process, I weighed approximately 216 pounds. I had acquired a flabby, 35-inch waist and I wasn’t fit by any standards. At six feet, two inches tall, those numbers may not seem too terribly bad. However, they were a fatty 216 pounds on my thin body frame. My original goal was to weigh 195 pounds. After some progress and more clarity, I ultimately decided on 190 pounds. My intention was to have a 32-inch waist, a size not seen by me in a long while. I also envisioned a lean and ripped “six pack” abdomen. To top this list, I intended to be healthy and energetic. I wanted all of these details to represent the new me.

With these detailed characteristics, I now had a clear vision of my ideal body. I had a destination or target. One critical point is that I did not want to revert back to a fat me once I got to my target self. Instead, my objective was to obtain that desired level of fitness, make an evaluation, do some tweaking and then continue to an even greater fitness level. Getting and, more importantly, staying fit is not a 90-day program. Staying fit is a lifetime program. My desire for you and me is a long and healthy lifetime. What is most important is for you to continue moving in the right direction. At the very least, you need to maintain your target.

Can you list several details of your desire? What specifically would you like to experience in your life? What does your ideal body look like? Following are a few questions to ask yourself in order to create the clarity required for your mental picture:

1. What is your ideal weight?
2. What is your ideal waist size?
3. What is your ideal dress or pants size?
4. What is your ideal body fat content?
5. What is your ideal blood pressure?
6. What is your ideal resting heart rate?
7. How do you feel being in your ideal health?

In the next article, I’ll show you how to focus on these answers in order to achieve the mental clarity you need to reach your ultimate success goals.

What you don’t want. Part II

Isn’t it time for you to have what you really want from life? You deserve real fulfillment and happiness. Everyone does! It is my belief that we are all capable of determining what will make us happy, even though it may require some soul searching. Your passions are inside you. When you let them out, you will enjoy much more of life. Our Higher Self sends us messages; but, most likely, they are being pushed down by our conditioning, which took place throughout every moment of our lives.

Negative influences have told us over ten thousand times, “No, you can’t” or something comparable. Some estimates are that by the time we are a teenager, we hear, “NO!” fifty thousand times. Compare this with the estimate that we hear “YES!” only five to ten thousand times. Hearing too many negatives can create doubt in our minds and stymies our true self.

When you release those negative thoughts and allow your Higher Self to come forth, you allow the answers to all of your questions to flow to you. When you obtain these solutions, you finally become clear on what you are to do. Yes, there will be work to do, but it is a different kind of labor. This is an exertion you are inspired to complete. The difference is like night and day. You see, your true self has something of great value to offer and it is time that you began to deliver it. The world is waiting for YOU to deliver. The world is longing for your dream to be fulfilled; and, when you succeed, we all benefit.

For a moment, consider your desire to be fit and healthy. Do you think if you are out of shape, fat and lazy that you are serving the world? Technically, you are, but think on a larger scale. Is that how you want to serve? Seek to understand the big picture. Maybe serving the world doesn’t concern you. In that case, does being out of shape really serve you? When you are in excellent physical shape, you perform better in all areas of your life. You will burn through stress like a hot knife through butter and you will be more energetic, more inspired and perform better in whatever you do. Wouldn’t those benefits alone be worth getting yourself into great shape?

The point is, you really know what it is you want to do. Chances are good you, like many others, have been pushing your true desire down whenever it attempts to reveal itself. My suggestion is to let your passion come out, no matter how big it is. If you were not able to bring it to reality, you would not have received the message that your passion exists. You can do it and I’ll continue to share some tips to help you towards success.


What is your desire? What do you really want? Focus not on what you think you can achieve or what you have been conditioned to believe you can achieve but rather what you really, truly want. I invite you to revisit an old skill. Possibly, it is a dormant skill you have neglected for a long time, such as using your imagination. The pretending we did as kids was and is a good thing. We are going to revive that skill, so let’s get started. Imagine, if you will, encountering a magical genie, who can grant you any wish. Besides wishing for more wishes, what would you really, truly yearn for? If you could do, be, or have anything, what would it be? Remember, it is not what you think you can have but what you truly want.

What would you alter about your body in regard to health, nutrition, and fitness? How much energy and vitality do you want? Do you wish to glow with confidence?

These questions may require some soul searching; and, if that is the only thing you take away from this article, it will be many times more valuable than you may now realize. Let’s look at one way to examine what your ultimate desire is for your well-being.

I wrote down all the things I did not want to do, this action illuminated all the things I did want. I was employing the Law of Polarity, which suggests everything has an opposite. Seeing the exact opposites of what I didn’t want was a good start toward realizing what I did want. I made my list of don’t wants and then looked for the polar opposite. Amazingly, I found what I did want to do. I had found answers to many questions I had been asking myself for over 20 years. I had discovered The Law of Attraction! Making a similar list for yourself can aid you in discovering what it is you do want.

Make a list of what you do not want and then determine the exact opposites of each item on that list. Doing this exercise will help determine what you do want. By finding the polar opposites of the items on your do-not-want list, you are narrowing down your target. Now make your own list.

Homeless for a day part 2

As I walked on the looks kept coming and each time they did have an effect but I kept letting them roll off me like water on a duck’s back. Eventually, I decided I didn’t like how people were looking at me and frankly judging me by my appearances. How dare they? They don’t know me they don’t know my situation. Heck, I could be wealthy beyond all measure but for all they knew and all they saw was a guy with over and undersized clothes which were out of style, dirty and torn whose face was dirty and hair all a frey. Hadn’t they heard of the saying of don’t judge a book by its cover?

Well, after a while I realized I was judging the ‘judgers’ and I began to let them be. I released them to think what they would and I got a great joy in that. It was very peaceful to release the need to judge. Little did they know I was free. And I was. It was at that time I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon by the ocean. After all I love to look at the ocean and today was a great day to enjoy it. I walk toward the sea with a new zip in my step. This didn’t stop the looks or some laughs, but I was free and I was still me no matter what I was wearing or how dirty I looked.

…to be continued…

Homeless for a day-part 1

I myself was wearing a pair of shorts which were about ten sizes to big and a shirt which was about three sizes to small, not to mention a big tear up the chest. I didn’t have a penny in my pocket, in fact, I didn’t even have a wallet. Nothing. Wait, to be completely forth right I did have one little piece of paper upon which were with twelve words and two sets of numbers. What was on that piece of paper? Hold on, I’m not there yet. How did I get myself into such a position in life? What had to happen for me to be in this spot? The answer to these questions may surprise you but I will tell that story another time.

So here I was with practically, nothing. only the clothes on my back, on a bus to who knows where with no idea what was in store. Little did I know that this day, the experience on that day would change my life forever. Nor be it fathomable to most readers how I could go from those circumstances to about 30 hours later I would be dinning in exquisite beauty in a 4 star hotel with some of the riches people on the planet. At that moment little did I consider what would be happening 30 hours later.

…To be continued…