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Become Crystal Clear

When we get our desires crystal-clear, we are harnessing and focusing energy into a smaller area similar to what a magnifying glass or a laser does.

Many of us have played with a magnifying glass, when we were children and harnessed the sun’s rays to a specific point. Some of us may have ignited paper or caused dead grass to burn with this focused energy. Sunlight is a very powerful energy source as it is; and, when you focus its energy, its power intensifies.

On the other hand, if you keep moving the lens around, it won’t have a clear target and, thus, it will lack focus. Consequently, that lens will not be able to ignite anything. When you get clear on what you want to ignite and you place the focus of the lens upon that specific item, it will ignite before too long. This is something that you can see almost immediately.

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