Start With a Clear Vision

Creating a clear vision of exactly what you want or desire can get you excited about your goal. This article takes the previous articles on Desire to the next level by going deeper. When you begin writing the details, you build a network of cells in your brain. This is a process which leads to the fullfillment of your dream.

To focus precisely on my intended desire, I wrote down clarifying details, which helped me to produce a clear vision. I created a crystal-clear target. If you don’t have a target, how can you reach it? At the time I began the reconditioning process, I weighed approximately 216 pounds. I had acquired a flabby, 35-inch waist and I wasn’t fit by any standards. At six feet, two inches tall, those numbers may not seem too terribly bad. However, they were a fatty 216 pounds on my thin body frame. My original goal was to weigh 195 pounds. After some progress and more clarity, I ultimately decided on 190 pounds. My intention was to have a 32-inch waist, a size not seen by me in a long while. I also envisioned a lean and ripped “six pack” abdomen. To top this list, I intended to be healthy and energetic. I wanted all of these details to represent the new me.

With these detailed characteristics, I now had a clear vision of my ideal body. I had a destination or target. One critical point is that I did not want to revert back to a fat me once I got to my target self. Instead, my objective was to obtain that desired level of fitness, make an evaluation, do some tweaking and then continue to an even greater fitness level. Getting and, more importantly, staying fit is not a 90-day program. Staying fit is a lifetime program. My desire for you and me is a long and healthy lifetime. What is most important is for you to continue moving in the right direction. At the very least, you need to maintain your target.

Can you list several details of your desire? What specifically would you like to experience in your life? What does your ideal body look like? Following are a few questions to ask yourself in order to create the clarity required for your mental picture:

1. What is your ideal weight?
2. What is your ideal waist size?
3. What is your ideal dress or pants size?
4. What is your ideal body fat content?
5. What is your ideal blood pressure?
6. What is your ideal resting heart rate?
7. How do you feel being in your ideal health?

In the next article, I’ll show you how to focus on these answers in order to achieve the mental clarity you need to reach your ultimate success goals.

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