What is your desire? What do you really want? Focus not on what you think you can achieve or what you have been conditioned to believe you can achieve but rather what you really, truly want. I invite you to revisit an old skill. Possibly, it is a dormant skill you have neglected for a long time, such as using your imagination. The pretending we did as kids was and is a good thing. We are going to revive that skill, so let’s get started. Imagine, if you will, encountering a magical genie, who can grant you any wish. Besides wishing for more wishes, what would you really, truly yearn for? If you could do, be, or have anything, what would it be? Remember, it is not what you think you can have but what you truly want.

What would you alter about your body in regard to health, nutrition, and fitness? How much energy and vitality do you want? Do you wish to glow with confidence?

These questions may require some soul searching; and, if that is the only thing you take away from this article, it will be many times more valuable than you may now realize. Let’s look at one way to examine what your ultimate desire is for your well-being.

I wrote down all the things I did not want to do, this action illuminated all the things I did want. I was employing the Law of Polarity, which suggests everything has an opposite. Seeing the exact opposites of what I didn’t want was a good start toward realizing what I did want. I made my list of don’t wants and then looked for the polar opposite. Amazingly, I found what I did want to do. I had found answers to many questions I had been asking myself for over 20 years. I had discovered The Law of Attraction! Making a similar list for yourself can aid you in discovering what it is you do want.

Make a list of what you do not want and then determine the exact opposites of each item on that list. Doing this exercise will help determine what you do want. By finding the polar opposites of the items on your do-not-want list, you are narrowing down your target. Now make your own list.

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