Personal Freedom

A really exciting aspect of taking responsibility for your actions is the freedom you feel. You will
feel empowered as well. In the 1995 movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson played the character
William Wallace, who desired freedom for Scotland. In the story, Wallace encountered many
obstacles. He didn’t blame the government, his comrades or even the situation. He simply
assumed responsibility, and he took the actions he needed to take to advance toward his goal.
Two of my favorite quotations from that movie are, “Every man dies, but not every man really
lives.” Also, the next line, which is only a word, is fitting here, since taking responsibility will
ultimately gain your freedom. Toward the end of the movie, Wallace is being tortured to get him
to confess. Regardless of the pain and suffering, he holds true to his cause and he yells out,

Even though Wallace’s country wasn’t technically free, he lived his life as if he were free—and
so he was. Admittedly, this movie contains some violent scenes; but, if you look deeper, it is
more about freedom and responsibility than violence.

We are talking now about personal freedom from our old conditioning. It comes down to your
making a decision. Only you can decide. Then and only then will you take the necessary actions
to accomplish your goals. I decided I was going to write these articles and, of course, you
decided you were going to read it. Unless I understood this concept of responsibility, I would not
have awakened early every day to write. Accomplishment starts with a desire and then taking
responsibility. Will you take responsibility for your success by shouting the word “freedom” for
your old conditioning to hear?

What is it you truly want? Do you know what it is? What does your ideal body look like? How
does it feel to live in your ideal body? Are you willing to take personal responsibility to become
aware of and achieve your ideal body? If so, you are ready to move to the next step of this
process. You need to create a clear vision, in great detail, of exactly what it is you desire.

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