Physical Inactivity: Public Health Enemy #1

All in all, exercise is a very important aspect of human life which cannot be ignored, but the reality seems different. Professor Steven N. Blair, of the University of South Carolina has projected physical inactivity to be the biggest public health problem of the twenty-first century.1

Physical inactivity has already become a public health problem in recent times. The cost of inactivity-related problems is a burden on society and has put additional burdens on insurance programs.2

The solution could be to pay more intensive attention to developing comprehensive community fitness programs. There should be more facilities for sport and recreation, especially during wintertime and for persons with special needs. Primary health services, nongovernmental organizations and the media should play a greater role in promotion of physical activity.3

You can do two things that will matter immediately: 1) Increase your exercise program and
2) get involved in improving your community’s fitness programs.


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