Exercise and Physical Training Aids in the Control of Acne

Acne is a skin disorder that commonly occurs in teenagers and adults. It is characterized by pimples on the face, chest and back. The skin contains numerous pores which may get clogged due to excessive production of oils or due to accumulation of dead cells, dust, and bacteria, giving rise to acne. Acne has a significant economic and social impact, as well as negative effect on self-image and outlook

It is believed that exercise plays a major part in controlling acne production. Although there is no proven research-based evidence between exercise and acne, it is presumed that exercise increases the blood flow to the skin cells and provides more oxygen to these cells, which may help to reduce acne and improve skin texture.1,2 Furthermore, sweating during exercise will clean the clogged pores from the inside. This, in turn, will prevent further outbreaks of acne and help in healing of existing acne. Exercise also helps in faster healing of spots and blackheads.

Suitable exercise includes cycling, rowing, swimming, jogging and walking. In addition, exercise in the form of yoga and tai chi also relaxes mind, reduces stress and thereby goes a long way in the prevention of acne.


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