Exercise: A Great Way to Enjoy Nature and the Outdoors

Being outdoors and observing nature is always fun. It breaks the monotonous daily habit of being indoors and becoming unhealthy. Nature also enhances one’s mood by instilling a positive attitude towards life. According to William Bird, a Berkshire General Practitioner, being in tune with nature has multiple benefits such as improved physical and mental health, less likelihood of aggression and domestic violence and lower crime rates.

With nature therapy, factors such as air, light, a healthy diet and aerobic exercise are recognized as the basis of good health and fitness, and it has been practiced and advised by many of today’s enlightened doctors.1 For example, a study in Finland reported that more people enjoyed outdoor aerobic exercise and everyday commuting activity when compared to being indoors.2 Furthermore, an article by J.P. de Mondenard reported that sports and various outdoor activities are helpful in improving the health and symptoms of children who are suffering from a number of disorders.3

Performing aerobic exercises outdoors is a great way of being a part of nature while improving the body’s health and fitness. One may become bored with being confined indoors and may resort to unhealthy practices or become lazy. Aerobic exercise, when performed outside in nature, has its own motivational effects, which help one to perform workouts on a regular basis. A jog in the park, a walk in the woods or a swim is a great way to relax and be healthy.


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