Book Release-Fit Mind Fit Body

“My complete fitness turn-around is a testament to what can be achieved when a person learns how to reset their mental programming. In Fit Mind, Fit Body, I explain the simple steps required to conquer a lacking fitness discipline once and for all.” says Don Staley.

Struggling to stay the course of diets and fitness routines through his adult life, Don Staley knows first-hand the sense of failure and frustration associated with being trapped in an on-and-off diet and exercise routine.

“Research shows that 95 % of individuals who begin a work-out routine or diet fail to follow through. In cracking the fitness code, I believe that anyone can follow the path outlined in Fit Mind Fit Body to reach goals and exceed them.” says Don Staley.

More than a self-help fitness guide packed with useful tips, Fit Mind Fit Body builds on 4 years of accumulated knowledge and life changing insights that will enable you to realize your true fitness potential.

“While being in shape can help achieve happiness, the key to success lies in your mind. What you put in your mind is as important as what you put in your body. By equipping yourself with a positive mindset, and following a formula anyone can do what I did.” says Don Staley.

“If you are looking to create new exercise habits and finally stop struggling to be consistent with ex-ercise, then Don Staley is your man. Not only is he an inspirational leader but he has taken the exact steps he teaches” says Tamara Dorris, Author of “The Communication Soul-ution”.

Fit mind Fit Body will be available early 2011. For more information, visit or connect over Facebook at


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