Exercise Improves the Skin Complexion and Keeps it Glowing and Young

Regular exercise keeps one’s skin young, reduces acne and decrease wrinkles and the signs of aging. Exercise increases blood circulation, which leads to improved nutrition to the skin and prompt wash out of waste material and toxins. This enables the skin cells to get more oxygen for their utilization and function.1,2

Exercise also increases flow of an oily secretion called sebum from the skin cells, which is considered as a natural moisturizer for the skin. Exercise also facilitates better health of the supportive tissue in the skin, which keeps wrinkles away. Further, exercise reduces stress, which indirectly reduces the wear and tear noted in the skin.

Regular exercise enhances the use of oxygen for the destruction of the dead cells and generation of new cells and, thus, improves the functioning of the skin. Functioning of mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, in the exercising individual is improved, which provides energy more efficiently and results in better functioning of the cell.3,4

Therefore, to flush out toxins and bring about nutrition to the skin, a regular exercise schedule for at least two or three workouts a week and a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants has been advised by many experts to alleviate the effects of aging on skin.5


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