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You will find mentors such as Zig Ziglar, Don Staley, Bob Proctor, , Brain Tracy, Don and Melinda Boyer, Mick Moore and many others sharing with you their secrets to tapping into passion to create the lifestyle and success you desire. In this extraordinary book we learn:

The vital need to do everything with passion

how to turn your passion into a payday

secrets to keeping passion alive

how to say yes to passion


The Power of Mentorship for Passion may be the most persuasive portrait ever of creating perpetual wealth, extraordinary health and the lifestyle of your dreams through the power of your passion.


The Power of Mentorship for finding your passion (published by Real Life Publishing, ISBN 978-1-60643-071-2 list price $19.95) provides you the tools of master mentors in the field of personal development and business development. You will learn the insights of how to create a fortune from doing what you love. As the authors point out “success in any business is never an accident but the result of applied principles.”

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