Homeless for a day part 2

As I walked on the looks kept coming and each time they did have an effect but I kept letting them roll off me like water on a duck’s back. Eventually, I decided I didn’t like how people were looking at me and frankly judging me by my appearances. How dare they? They don’t know me they don’t know my situation. Heck, I could be wealthy beyond all measure but for all they knew and all they saw was a guy with over and undersized clothes which were out of style, dirty and torn whose face was dirty and hair all a frey. Hadn’t they heard of the saying of don’t judge a book by its cover?

Well, after a while I realized I was judging the ‘judgers’ and I began to let them be. I released them to think what they would and I got a great joy in that. It was very peaceful to release the need to judge. Little did they know I was free. And I was. It was at that time I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon by the ocean. After all I love to look at the ocean and today was a great day to enjoy it. I walk toward the sea with a new zip in my step. This didn’t stop the looks or some laughs, but I was free and I was still me no matter what I was wearing or how dirty I looked.

…to be continued…

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