Homeless for a day-part 1

I myself was wearing a pair of shorts which were about ten sizes to big and a shirt which was about three sizes to small, not to mention a big tear up the chest. I didn’t have a penny in my pocket, in fact, I didn’t even have a wallet. Nothing. Wait, to be completely forth right I did have one little piece of paper upon which were with twelve words and two sets of numbers. What was on that piece of paper? Hold on, I’m not there yet. How did I get myself into such a position in life? What had to happen for me to be in this spot? The answer to these questions may surprise you but I will tell that story another time.

So here I was with practically, nothing. only the clothes on my back, on a bus to who knows where with no idea what was in store. Little did I know that this day, the experience on that day would change my life forever. Nor be it fathomable to most readers how I could go from those circumstances to about 30 hours later I would be dinning in exquisite beauty in a 4 star hotel with some of the riches people on the planet. At that moment little did I consider what would be happening 30 hours later.

…To be continued…

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